Established as a 501(c)(3) in 2008, Ticket to Dream is dedicated to providing hope and opportunity for foster children across the nation, so they can just be kids. We believe it starts with joining forces with businesses and local communities to ensure foster youth of all ages have the school supplies, holiday gifts, properly fitting clothing and shoes that all children need to thrive.

We are proud to provide and fund enriching life experiences like a trip to the zoo, joining the soccer team, music lessons, help in school, tickets to fun events, even reuniting with a sibling at summer camp. We know these experiences teach important life skills, create normalcy, friendships and bring joy to childhood.

We help create opportunity by funding aging out programs that increase graduation rates, provide housing, access to laptops and teach employment/life skills aimed to prepare foster youth for adulthood and reduce the rate of homelessness as they leave care.

With partner programs like Famous Footwear, Mattress Firm Foster Kids, Title Nine, Allworth Financial, BEARPAW, Bombas, corporate/community supporters, and over 200 non-profit foster care partners we can help foster youth just be kids.


Ticket to Dream has helped over 2 million foster children

We partner with over 200 non-profit foster care agencies, reaching 186,000 children across all 50 states, to help foster youth quickly and efficiently in your community. This impactful network allows us to reach foster youth in all types of care and efficiently gives our corporate supporters the ability to help foster youth on a national or regional scale with one point of contact. We are proud to work with our non-profit partners nationwide to bring large scale impact to foster youth through access to essentials, technology, extracurricular access and improved aging out services. We believe together we can do more.

4.8 Million Essentials

Over $58 million worth of essential items have been distributed to help foster youth dress and go to school with confidence

46,746 Tickets to Events

Experiences like a trip to the zoo or seeing their favorite player make a slam dunk, these fun experiences create self-worth, provide a respite from daily struggles, and create happy memories

$3.2 Million for Extracurricular Access

Ticket to Dream has funded access to extracurricular activities for over 21,760 foster youth

43,138 Youth Aging Out

Ticket to Dream programs celebrate high school graduations to create hope, distribute laptops to increase graduation rates and through our Take Flight grants increase support systems that decrease homelessness.

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