There are over 400,000 children in foster care, and a new child enters care every 2 minutes, often with nothing but the clothing on their backs. At the Ticket to Dream Foundation our programs revolve around building self-esteem, self-worth, and ensuring foster youth have the tools, services, and experiences to become successful adults.

Our programs bring resources to help foster youth join extracurriculars like the soccer team, provides laptops to help in school, distributes new clothing and everyday basics that build confidence and creates joy with access to fun events.

We work to provide the vital and little extras that make childhood meaningful while creating support systems that help them create futures and avoid homelessness upon aging out.

In times of natural disaster or crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Disaster Relief program provides rapid support to keep foster kids safe and reduce trauma.

We collect product donations that allow foster youth to have the everyday items they need while also boosting their self-esteem and ability to fit in with their peers.

Through our Take Flight program, our goal is to empower foster youth for the future, particularly preparing youth prior to and while aging out of care.

Our GoPlay! program brings joy and normal childhood experiences to foster youth across the nation by providing access to extracurricular activities

With our Laptops for Success program we provide thousands of laptops to school aged and college attending foster youth to ensure they can keep up in the classroom and participate in online learning.

Ticket to Dream is an ally to those in foster care who are often overrepresented and underserved. Our Ally Program provides targeted support to meet the unique needs of hispanic, black and LGBTQ+ foster youth.

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