Anyone can help a foster child whether you’re an individual, company, professional sports team, venue or media station. With our programs reaching over 186,000 foster children across all 50 states we can put a wide variety of resources to work quickly and efficiently across the nation or in your specific community.

Below you’ll find easy ways to help foster kids, just be kids. Don’t see what you're looking for? Ticket to Dream always welcomes the opportunity to create custom partnerships, sponsorships or campaigns just email

Provide Essentials

Your donation of essential items or fun extras ensures foster children have the freedom to play and walk with confidence. Whether you are an individual donating a single item or a business with an inventory of shoes, every donation makes a difference.

Donating Essentials Helps Kids Build Confidence

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Get Your Organization Involved

There are many ways teams, companies, churches or groups of all sizes can help foster youth. Whether you donate excess inventory/tickets, create a buy one donate one program, host a volunteer/fundraising event, grant funds or create custom consumer campaigns, Ticket to Dream is here to make it easy.

There are many ways you can help foster kids in your area.

Invest Yourself

Over 200,000 children enter foster care each year. Whether they are days old or teens they need a safe home and supportive adults to help them heal from past trauma’s, keep up in school and become successful adults. With a national shortage of foster parents, over 100,000 children waiting for adoptions and growing research that shows how impactful a CASA or mentor can be to a youth, there are many ways you can personally connect with foster kids.

Click below to find our non-profit partner’s in your area that are looking for foster/adoption parents, volunteers or mentors.


Learn About the Adoption Journey


More Foster Homes Are Needed

Volunteer, CASA or Mentor

Our Partners Need Volunteers & Mentors